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Free Domain Manager Tool – Get Email before Domain Name Expires !

No matter whether you own an existing business or have an excellent idea for a startup, you need a domain for making your online presence. Usually, the first thing your potential customer will do when searching for a product or service is to conduct a web search and if you are website is valuable and worth, you will have a great chance for a sale.

But these domains require management as well. Thus, for managing these domains, you need a domain manager. There are many cases online that big companies forget to renew their Domain Name and paid a hefty amount to buy from the new seller.

Why To Use Our Free Domain Manager Tool ?

Not all domain managers come with various useful features, and thus, more applications are required alongside. While on the other side, there are a few websites as well that provides all the essential features and therefore, It proves to be good, but they are not free.

Our Domain Manager tool is Completely free; You get a reminder through email for every Domain that you manage through Us. This is an all in one domain manager; therefore, you don’t require several different applications to maintain your domains as well as pay for managing them. Our tool provides you with all the feature at a single place. It is one-stop management.

How to Use Our Free Domain Manager Tool ?

Our Easy User Interface is not too complicated to understand. You have to enter your Domain Name and Email id for getting reminders. Password is not compulsory; It entirely depends upon you if you want to add password or not. Though we use security for every Domain, you manage with us.

We will automatically Fetch expiry date and Registrar name. Making it easier for you to access them, We monitor them and track them. Our Cron Job is running 24x7 so that you are Domain doesn’t get expired.

In addition to this, it reminds you regarding the expiry dates as well as it includes a calendar which you can be used to check the date of expiration of domain name. Thus, there are no chances of losing any of your domains as an email will be sent to you for all your domains, reminding you about the expiration of your domains.

Furthermore, you don’t really have to worry, as all your data, details and other necessary information are entirely secured. No data, details or information is being leaked or shared. The site maintains the security and privacy of the data, details and other information.At Xpired “ Privacy Is Not Myth “.

We offer these features For Free; It’s one spot solution For Domain Management.